About Us


Around 1991, the New England Society for Wood Cookery was formed. In 1994, the Wood Cookery Society became The New England Barbecue Society, a stable, fiscally responsible, not-for-profit, group of dedicated BBQ cooks and consumers. Along with our monthly print publication The National Barbecue News, the NEBS was born to offer New England grillers the opportunity to learn Southern style barbecue techniques, whether using wood, charcoal, or even gas.

In our website, and our monthly printed newsletter The National Barbecue News, we post the results of our competitions, tips on cooking, book reviews, features about “where to find it”, whether it’s BBQ joints, equipment, that “just-right-secret-ingredient,” or notices on upcoming events.

2015 NEBS Officers

President: Chris Sargent, csargent@nebs.org
Vice President: Bill Gillespie, bgillespie@nebs.org
Treasurer: Alan Burke, aburke@nebs.org
Corresponding / Recording Secretary: Kim Stanfield, kstanfield@nebs.org
NEBS Directors
Geordie Fifield, gfifield@nebs.org
Jayna Coulon, jcoulon@nebs.org
Jared Huizenga, jhuizenga@nebs.org
Jim Simnet, jsimnet@nebs.org
Mic Stanfield, mstanfield@nebs.org
Rikk Foringer, rforinger@nebs.org
Chris Clegg, cclegg@nebs.org
Mike Marchesi, mmarchesi@nebs.org
State Representatives
CT: Joe Whittel
NH: Charlie Pini
MA: Andy King and Sandra Schmucki
ME: Alex Caisse
NY: Brian Wemett
RI: Chris Clegg
VT: Chris Sargent