Does NEBS officiate cooking competitions?

NEBS only sanctions grilling contests. We do not sanction barbecue contests. If you are an event organizer who is looking for help with a grilling contest in the NEBS area, please contact us:

Does NEBS organize cooking competitions?

No, NEBS does not organize any type of cooking competition.

How can I get my event listed on the NEBS calendar?

NEBS only lists barbecue and grilling-related events on our calendar. This could include contests, classes, or charity events. The listing cost is $50. For more information, contact us:

How do I become a member of NEBS?

A one year membership costs $35 for an individual, or $40 for a family (two people). Click here to join.

I am a member of NEBS and I can’t log into the site, what do I do?

When we transitioned to the new NEBS web site, all of our old login information was lost.  You will have an opportunity to create a new membership when you renew your membership.  You can do that by clicking here.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

What are some of the benefits of being a NEBS member?

There are many benefits for NEBS members. Here are just a few of those benefits:

  • A subscription to The National Barbecue News, a monthly newspaper covering BBQ activities around the world. The NEBS newsletter can be found in every issue of The National Barbecue News.
  • Discounted rates to enter our grilling and barbecue competitions.
  • Discounted rates to attend our cooking and judging schools.
  • Discounted rates at many restaurants and barbecue-related businesses throughout New England.
  • Road trips to local restaurants with other NEBS members at special rates.
  • Opportunities to contribute your time and talent to numerous local charities.
  • Being part of the best barbecue community in the world, and discovering friendships that will last a lifetime!
What is the New England Barbecue Society?

Around 1991, the New England Society for Wood Cookery was formed. In 1994, the Wood Cookery Society became The New England Barbecue Society (NEBS), a stable, fiscally responsible, not-for-profit, group of dedicated BBQ cooks and consumers. NEBS was born to offer grillers the opportunity to learn Southern style barbecue techniques, whether using wood, charcoal, or even gas.

Where can I find the NEBS Grilling Rules?
Which geographic areas does NEBS cover?

The NEBS coverage area includes Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont, but anyone is welcome to join NEBS.