NEBS Charitable Giving


“Our Coals Help Souls”

 As a not-for-profit group, The New England Barbecue Society is privileged to have the opportunity to help with fund-raisers and charitable causes throughout New England and the United States of America.  In addition to cooking and serving barbecue to veterans, the elderly or to those less fortunate, we are pleased to donate our time and efforts and to make monetary contributions to many organizations and individuals in the BBQ community in their time of need.

Before making donations, the NEBS Charity Committee researches charitable causes and organizations to ensure that the donations are used wisely and that the majority of the money goes directly to the cause as opposed to administrative costs, overhead, etc.

The NEBS Charity Committee then makes recommendations to the NEBS Board of Directors regarding which charities to donate funds too, as well as the amounts of donations, and upon approval, the donations are made.

Just some of the types of charities NEBS supports:

  • BBQ-Related charities, or those that involve people within the BBQ community
  • Local causes within the United States, preferably in New England
  • Veteran’s causes
  • Disaster relief
  • The Elderly
  • Youth Organizations
  • Cooking-Related Scholarships

Proceeds from all NEBS merchandise sales go to the Charity Committee, so when you’re out at a NEBS event, remember to get yourself a hat, a t-shirt or other paraphernalia.

NEBS merchandise makes great gifts as well!

We are currently able to accept donations to the NEBS Charity Committee using PayPal when you renew your membership.  In the future, we hope to be able to accept donations individually.

If you have a group or organization that you believe NEBS should discuss in relation to making a charitable donation or assisting in a charitable way, please contact us via email at

Listed below are the charities that NEBS has supported in the year 2014 to date.  To make a donation directly to one of these specific charities, or to learn more about them, please refer to the information below:

  • Curt Jensen Fund –        Or you can donate via:  TD Bank,  Attn: Curt Jensen Fund, 57 South Street, Milford, NH 03055  OR to the Brookline Fire Department Association, PO Box 174, Brookline, NH 03033
  • Katie Hamilton Fund –   Or you can donate via: TD Bank , c/o Hamilton Family Fund, 104 Rte 13, Gazebo Square, Brookline, NH 03033

NEBS will match the first $250 donated to each of the above charities.