2018 Board Of Directors Nominations


Considering running for the 2018 NEBS Board of Directors?
Do you have questions? Please review the information below and if you have additional questions, please email Nominating Committee or contact any one of the current Board Members.

Know someone who MAY want to be on the Board, who would make a great candidate? NOMINATE them – click HERE! We will contact them to see if interested.

Board Membership FAQ

When does the BOD Meet?

The NEBS BOD is currently meeting on the fourth Monday of each month, but the regular meeting date can change based on the needs of the BOD. Most of our meetings are online, with several regional in-person meetings a year.

What does the BOD do?

We handle the day-to-day operation of NEBS. Each BOD member is expected to participate on or chair a subcommittee (see attached). Subcommittees meet on an as needed basis. Much of what we do involves philanthropy, planning for events and sanctioning competitions.

What are the requirements of being a NEBS Board Member?

BOD Members need to:

  • have access to a computer
  • be able to check and respond to NEBS email on a regular basis (every few days)
  • be able to attend monthly meetings as often as possible (see below for details)
  • be willing to work with others and to actively participate
  • believe in the NEBS mission to bring the art of grilling and barbecue to the masses
How much time will I need to dedicate to NEBS?

It varies depending on the season, what events are happening and what committees you are involved in. Monthly meetings commonly last about 2 hours. If you are on an active committee such as Events or Sanctioning, you could be giving 8-10 hours a month to NEBS during busy times. NEBS holds events during the off-season, many of which require participation from multiple BOD members to make them run smoothly.

How much do I need to participate?

The more time you can dedicate to NEBS the better. We recognize that the lives of our BOD members are busy, so there is no expectation that a BOD member attend every meeting or event. But, participation is essential to moving NEBS forward. With the use of online meetings, it is easier for members to attend the meetings. For NEBS events participation is important so that the work is spread equally between BOD members.

Officer Positions will be discussed at the Annual Meeting.

In addition to being on the Board, there is currently a list of committees that you can choose to be on. View the Committees list.  This will be finalized after the new board is elected.


NOTE: You do NOT have to be a BOD to be on a Committee ~ all committees are open to all members and chaired by a BOD member. If you would like to join a committee, please email contact@nebs.org and we will get you on that committee! We welcome everyone!!

If you are interested in becoming running for the Board, please fill out this Questionnaire and submit – it will automatically be sent to the Nominating Committee for posting.

Current confirmed BOD running again:


Current continued term BOD remaining on BOD:

2017 NEBS Officers
Treasurer: Chris Clegg, cclegg@nebs.org – (term ends 12/18)
Recording Secretary: Scott Abrutyn, sabrutyn@nebs.org – (term ends 12/18)

NEBS Directors
Michael Strout, mstrout@nebs.org – (term ends 12/18)
Peter Kelleher, pkelleher@nebs.org (term ends 12/18)
Eoin Lynch, elynch@nebs.org – (term ends 12/18)
Antonio (Tony) Olive, tolive@nebs.org – (term ends 12/18)


Current BOD with term ending:

President: Kim Stanfield, kstanfield@nebs.org – (term ends 12/17)
Vice President: Tom Ryan, tryan@nebs.org – (term ends 12/17)

Viewing of Candidate responses will be updated as information is available

Voting process will be communicated

Save the Dates for the Holiday Party – December 2, 2017 – (to meet your candidates) and the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet – January 6, 2018 – for tally of the voting and TOY awards.