About Us


The Northeast Barbecue Society (NEBS) was founded to promote the traditions, lifestyle, and skills associated with barbecuing, slow smoking, cold smoking and grilling.

NEBS offers classes related to barbecuing and outdoor cooking, performs cooking demos, and promote barbecue and barbecue traditions through publications, contests, and social gatherings. We help to connect barbecue contest organizers and competitors throughout the region, and support them by defining fair and impartial rules for running barbecue and outdoor cooking competitions.

NEBS is supported primarily through membership dues and donations to the organization. We are an all volunteer organization with hundreds of members throughout the northeastern United States.  We are also a tax exempt 501(c)3 public charity.

Members receive a monthly printed newsletter The National Barbecue News, in which we publish competition information, tips on cooking, book reviews, and features about “where to find it”, whether it’s BBQ joints, equipment, that “just-right-secret-ingredient,” or notices on upcoming events.  In addition we periodically publish barbecue information for the general public on our website and social media channels.

NEBS membership is not contingent on age, race, religion, color, gender, national origin or sexual orientation.

2016 NEBS Officers
President: Chris Sargent, csargent@nullnebs.org
Vice President: Jared Huizenga, jared@nullnebs.org
Treasurer: Chris Clegg, cclegg@nullnebs.org
Corresponding / Recording Secretary: Kim Stanfield, kstanfield@nullnebs.org

NEBS Directors
Jayna Coulon, jcoulon@nullnebs.org
Rikk Foringer, rforinger@nullnebs.org
Sharon Mayer, smayer@nullnebs.org
Patrick Paquette, ppaquette@nullnebs.org
Jim Simnet, jsimnet@nullnebs.org
Brian Martin, bmartin@nullnebs.org
Tom Ryan, tryan@nullnebs.org
Sarah White, swhite@nullnebs.org