Jul 102016

Congratulations to Insane Swine BBQ for yet another KCBS contest Grand Championship at the Green Mountain BBQ Championship on June 26th, and also to Blazin’ Buttz BBQ for the RGC.   A Mazie Q wrapped up another Grand Championship win for the NEBS contest, with Sweet Breathe taking home the Reserve.

On July 4th at the Lake Placid I Love BBQ and Music Festival, we saw Miller’s Backyard BBQ win the KCBS event again, followed by Old Virginia Smoke with the RGC.  For the NEBS contest, Smokin’ Bulldogs got the gold with a GC, and Good Smoke was on the podium with the Reserve.  Congratulations to everyone that heard their name called.

Coming up next in July:

Smokin’ at the Ballpark, Old Orchard Beach, ME (KCBS)

Brookline Tailgate and BBQ Cookoff, Brookline, NH (NEBS, NEBS Tailgate)

Harpoon BBQ Festival, Windsor, VT (KCBS/NEBS)

Great Adirondack BBQ Festival, Old Forge, NY (KCBS)

Jun 182016

Can the Insane Can Posse come to New England and make a mark?  Apparently so.  Congratulations to Shake ‘n Bake for the GC at the Sun BBQ Fest, the Northeast’s own Meat @ Slims for the RGC, and to everything that heard their name called.  Full results here.

Jun 152016

The meeting scheduled for June 27, 2016 has been CANCELLED due to conflicts of schedules.

Look for information for the July Meeting to be held on the 25th.

We apologize for any inconvenience.  If you were planning on attending the meeting or have something that needs to be brought before the board, please feel free to email us directly.

Jun 142016


Every year in addition to making monetary donations to mulitple organizations, NEBS also participates in cooking and serving for many other charitable events.

We have TWO that are quickly approaching and due to conflicts of events,

they still need volunteers! 

If you would like to assist; please let us know! You can contact Kim Stanfield or Andy King for more information.

Veterans Homestead Cook & Serve – June 25

Tyler Ride – July 9th

Jun 052016

Congratulations to Smokin’ Hoggz BBQ for taking the GC at the Granite State BBQ Championship and to Pork Butt Paradise for the Reserve Grand.

Coming up in June:

Jun 11-12 Sun BBQ Fest @ Mohegan Sun
Jun 18 Windsor Backyard (unsanctioned) Windsor, VT
Jun 25-26 Green Mountain BBQ @ Waterbury, VT

For details, see: https://www.nebs.org/calendar/

May 312016

The 9th annual Roc City Rib Fest in Rochester, NY is a wrap.  Congratulations to Grand Champion Insane Swine BBQ for their second win in a row.  Last year’s GC winner Old Virginia Smoke came back to grab the Reserve.

Chuck and Dad’s Barbecue took home the title for the World Bacon Championships, and Two Smoking Guys NY brought back the Reserve.   Chuck and Dad’s also won the Roc City Rib Cookoff, just ahead of Priorville in the number 2 spot.

Finally, a shout out to Rebel Yell 2.0 for their Kid’s Que victory.


May 272016

The first Salt City BBQ Festival is in the books! Congratulations to The Basic BBQ team on the Grand Championship and Good Smoke BBQ on the Reserve. They drew 32 teams for this contest, pretty good for this first year event in Syracuse, NY.

May 082016

The teams got down and dirty in the mud at Smoke in the Valley in Green RainLane, PA on May 6th and 7th.   Finn’s Finest BBQ won the Grand Championship and The BBQ Guru was the Reserve Champion.  Brand new NEBS members Tom Tom Bob A Que won the Chef’s Choice and Dessert categories, with the Little Creek Bar A Que Company and Smokin’ Hoggz BBQ right behind them.  Congratulations to everyone that survived the mud and got home safely. For the full results, look here.

May 062016

Congratulations to Insane Swine for their Grand Champion finish at Gone Country in Ridgefield, CT, and to Meat@Slims for the Reserve Grand in the KCBS event. Congratulations also to A Mazie Q for bringing home the Grand for the NEBS event, including a “perfect perfect” 180 in Chef’s Choice, and to Good Smoke for the Reserve Grand.

Full results  may be found here.

Apr 202016

1 Boo Boo Qued 685.1429
2 Smokin’ Bulldogs 681.7143
3 Amazie Q 671.4286
4 Beverage Brothers 661.1429
5 Plastic Pig Productions 656
6 JR Big and Little BBQ 641.7143
7 Blazin’ Barrels BBQ 638.2857
8 T-Bone BBQ 625.1429
9 Old Towne Brawlers 618.2857
10 Quittin’ Time BBQ 505.1429
11 Smoke ’em if you got em 492

1 Quittin’ Time BBQ 169.7143
2 Smokin’ Bulldogs 168
3 Boo Boo Qued 167.4286
4 T-Bone BBQ 167.4286
5 Plastic Pig Productions 162.8571
6 Beverage Brothers 162.2857
7 JR Big and Little BBQ 157.7143
8 Smoke ’em if you got em 156.5714
9 Old Towne Brawlers 156
10 Blazin’ Barrels BBQ 154.8571
11 Amazie Q 148

Wrapped in Bacon
1 Amazie Q 176
2 Old Towne Brawlers 175.4286
3 Boo Boo Qued 168.5714
4 Smokin’ Bulldogs 168
5 Plastic Pig Productions 167.4286
6 Blazin’ Barrels BBQ 164.5714
7 JR Big and Little BBQ 164.5714
8 Beverage Brothers 162.8571
9 T-Bone BBQ 161.1429
10 Smoke ’em if you got em 20
11 Quittin’ Time BBQ 20

1 Amazie Q 176.5714
2 Smokin’ Bulldogs 169.7143
3 Boo Boo Qued 169.1429
4 Blazin’ Barrels BBQ 169.1429
5 Beverage Brothers 165.7143
6 JR Big and Little BBQ 162.8571
7 Quittin’ Time BBQ 160.5714
8 Plastic Pig Productions 159.4286
9 Old Towne Brawlers 148.5714
10 Smoke ’em if you got em 146.8571
11 T-Bone BBQ 141.7143

Chef’s Choice
1 Boo Boo Qued 180
2 Smokin’ Bulldogs 176
3 Amazie Q 170.8571
4 Beverage Brothers 170.2857
5 Smoke ’em if you got em 168.5714
6 Plastic Pig Productions 166.2857
7 JR Big and Little BBQ 156.5714
8 Quittin’ Time BBQ 154.8571
9 T-Bone BBQ 154.8571
10 Blazin’ Barrels BBQ 149.7143
11 Old Towne Brawlers 138.2857

Mar 222016

Registration for the April 23rd and April 24th classes is now closed.   Please watch this website for future class announcements or follow us on Facebook.

By popular demand, the Meat Cutting & Sausage Making Class is back for one more session on April 23rd.   Spots are limited, so sign up soon as the last 2 times this class was offered it sold out.

We are also offering the NEBS Barbecue Cooking Class on April 23rd as well.   Take your backyard game to the next level and learn key smoking and grilling techniques from some of the top professional pit-masters in the northeast.   (They are at different locations, so pick your favorite!)

Make a weekend of it!

Either one of these classes makes a great add-on to the KCBS Certified Judging Class on April 24th.  Learn the skills needed to judge pro circuit Kansas City Barbeque Society contests held all over the world, including right here in the northeast.  At the end of the class, you will be a certified judge and eligible to apply to contests to judge professional barbecue.

Find all of these great classes in the NEBS Store

Mar 142016
Master Meat Cutter Matt LeClerc shows students the finer points of pork primals.

Master Meat Cutter Matt LeClerc shows students the finer points of pork primals.

It was a beautiful weekend to be at Valley View Farm in Templeton, MA for our NEBS annual Meat Cutting & Sausage making Classes, hosted and taught by Valley View Owner & Master Meat Cutter, Matt LeClerc.

Matt has an impressive & extensive background, which began at the Norfolk County Agricultural High School and then continued at the State University of New York in Cobleskill, NY. After mastering the art of cutting & years of instructing students in meat science, the prodigal son returned home to the family farm and began his cutting, smoking, packaging & sausage making business with his wife Kelly.

Both days were sold out, and students drove to Central Mass., from as far away as Rhode Island, Conneticut and New Jersey! Students were young & old, seasoned bbq competitors and curious backyard bbq enthusiasts. Matt provided 3 pigs and the students were then taught how to break the pig down into the primal, sub-primal and finally into the retail packaged product that they are familiar with seeing. Matt LeClerc is a firm believer in “hands on” learning and everyone took part in the cutting, trimming and finally the sausage making end of processing.

An attendee gets to try his hand with the bone saw.

An attendee gets to try his hand with the bone saw.

At the end of the day the students were treated to a BBQ feast of sausage, ribs, bacon and chicken by BBQ Pitmaster Andy King of the Bastey Boys BBQ Brigade and then each given a 7” Fillet Knife that was generously provided by Dexter-Russel Knives, a sponsor of NEBS Board Member & Pitmaster Tom Ryan of Smoke Em’ If You Got Em’.  For more information on Dexter-Russel, or to place an order, go to www.dexter1818.com.  NEBS thanks Dexter-Russel for their generosity!


Looking forward to our next event: RIBS 101 which will be held on April 9th at the Masonic Temple in Milford, NH and given by NEBS BOD member and Champion BBQ Competitor Jared Huizenga the Pitmaster of Insane Swine BBQ.

Mar 102016

The New England Barbecue Society has long been serving members and contest organizers in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, and with the affirmative vote of our membership, we are updating our name to reflect that.

We will now be known as the Northeast Barbecue Society.   Our initials (NEBS) will remain the same, and our contact information and email addresses will not change.  Existing memberships, sanctioned contests, classes, and other events and services from NEBS won’t change either; just the name.

Look for branding updates reflecting the name change on the web site.   NEBS Apparel will also be phased in with the new name, but for the moment we will continue to offer New England Barbecue Society branded gear. Perhaps it’s time to order some of these items that are soon to become unique collector’s items!