Kid’s Que Team of the Year


2018 Kid’s Que 2018 Team of the Year

The Northeast Barbecue Society (NEBS) would like to begin to recognize Kids Que teams that have been top performers throughout the barbecue season via the Team of the Year (TOY) program.

The TOY program awards points for eligible Kid’s Que Competitions within the Northeast region that are directly NEBS events.

As this is NEW in 2018, it will include only contests that have NEBS approval/review of the Kid’s Que packet.  A list will be kept in the Kid’s Que Corner on the website as contests are approved.

This document outlines how the program works and the rules that apply.

General Requirements

In order for a Kid’s Que competition team to have its scores count towards any of the NEBS TOY honors the following must be met:

  • the chief cook’s parents/guardian that signed the contest application for the Kid’s Que team must be a paid member of NEBS when the contest takes place and must be present at the competition.

Any scores accumulated while the listed chief cook’s parents/guardian is not a member, by a vote of the board of directors for non-payment of dues or any other reason, will not count towards NEBS TOY.

  • TOY scores are tied to team names and not individual chief cooks – team names and members need to be established at the beginning of the year and must be registered.

Registration is free and only takes a couple minutes. Visit here to register:


Registration deadline is June 15th


within 24 hours of 1st competition.

Any team competing in its first competition of the season after that day may register, up to 24 hours after its first competition in order to have scores count. Registration and Membership Status are sole responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Start of the 2018 TOY Season: January 1, 2018. 

End of the 2018 TOY Season: December 31, 2018.

Awards will be issued by NEBS for Kid’s Que TOY. The awards will take place at the 2019 NEBS Annual Meeting.

  • Categories: Most contests have only one category; some may offer two. The individual categories will be used for scoring.
    • In the event a contest has a Hot Dog and a Chicken category, scores from each category will be used.
    • Some contests will have additional awards outside of the category winner – ie: most creative, most colorful, etc.  Only the FOOD winner category will apply to the TOY tracking.


The Empire State BBQ Championship scoring system formula will be used for the 2018 Kids Que TOY season. This system will be used to calculate the CATEGORY TOY scores.

Number of teams: No required number of teams.

Example of Scoring in a Team Field BBQ Competition


Final Place

Points Awarded

Country BBQ Kids 1 100
Hot BBQ 2 95
Dirty Boots Q 3 90
Wigglers BBQ 4 85
All the Buzz BBQ 5 80
Ribs Glore BBQ 6 75  etc



Contests must meet eligibility requirements.  Eligibility requirements vary slightly by contest type.


TOY rankings will be posted periodically during the year on The final official results will be announced at the annual meeting. All TOY awards will be at the 2019 NEBS Annual Meeting.


Anyone who believes that there may be an error in the interm results should send an email to

NEBS will do it’s best to keep this fair and consistent.  As of 2018, there are no “standardization” rules for Kid’s Que and NEBS will evaluate at the end of the year to decide progress into 2019.

Any questions/concerns not addressed by the NEBS TOY rules can be directed to the NEBS Board of Directors at The NEBS board will consult with the TOY committee, and, if needed, vote on an outcome.