NEBS Committees


NEBS Committees and Responsibilities

Charity –

Kim Stanfield (Chair), Andy King, Sharon Mayer, Brian Martin, Tom Ryan, Jayna Coulon –

  • Proposes annual charity budget for BoD approval
  • Suggests charitable causes to the BoD for approval
  • Organizes resources for charitable events

Technology –

Chris Sargent (chair), Kim Stanfield, Chris Clegg, Jim Simnet –

  • Maintains the NEBS web site, Facebook account, and Twitter account
  • Evaluates solutions as needed to keep NEBS technologically up-to-date
  • Presents technology solutions to the BoD for approval
  • Manages NEBS email accounts
  • Manages and post TOY rankings
  • Updates the NEBScore software as needed

Member Services –

Jared Huizenga (chair), Brian Martin, Joan Clegg, Jayna Coulon –

  • Works with businesses and organizations to expand member discounts
  • Gathers current and past member feedback to help determine member needs
  • Presents ideas to the BoD that will help satisfy current members and attract new ones

Nominating –

Appointed by the President –

  • Identifies possible BoD candidates to run for election
  • Prints and mails ballots for the annual election
  • Tallies ballots and announces election winners at the annual meeting
  • Collects nominee information for publication in the National Barbecue News and web site

Sanctioning –

Patrick Paquette(chair), Chris Clegg, Andy King, Sandra Schmucki, Michelle Taft –

  • Revises NEBS grilling rules as needed
  • Presents stand-alone grilling and tailgating contests to the BoD for approval
  • Guides contest organizers on how to run a successful contest
  • Organizes resources for stand-alone contests
  • Recruits and trains NEBS contest officials
  • Sends invoices for listing fees and sanctioning

Events –

Sharon Mayer (chair), Jayna Coulon, Andy King, Jim Simnet, Mic Stanfield –

  • Coordinate events including, but not limited to, cooking classes and demos, judging classes, NEBS meetings, member events such as the holiday party
  • Organizes resources for all NEBS and barbecue-related events, including but not limited to supplies and volunteers
  • Work with the Marketing and Public Relations committees to promote NEBS events

Marketing and Public Relations – 

Kim Stanfield (chair), Chris Sargent, Tom Ryan, Patrick Paquette, Wendy Paquette –

  • Manages NEBS merchandise and place orders as needed
  • Manages NEBS marketing material such as brochures and place orders as needed
  • Manages NEBS tent, including transportation of materials and personnel to staff the tent at events
  • Collects and composes articles and pictures for the National Barbecue News
  • Provides web site content to the Technology committee for posting
  • Provides content for Constant Contact email broadcasts to the Technology Committee
  • Maintain list of press contacts throughout the northeast
  • Reach out to contacts with press releases and other materials on a regular basis to get free media coverage for NEBS-related events

Team of the Year (TOY) –

Jim Simnet (chair), Chris Sargent, Jared Huizenga –

  • Establishes and presents the awards budget to BoD for approval
  • Order trophies/awards and arranges for transportation to TOY awards site
  • Presents contests scores/files to Technology committee for updating standings
  • Evaluates the TOY system and presents modifications to the BoD as needed


Chris Clegg (chair), Chris Sargent –

  • Work with the Treasurer to track actual payables and receivables for the calendar year
  • Proposes a working budget to the BoD for approval for the upcoming calendar year

ByLaws –

Chris Sargent (chair), Jared Huizenga –

  • Gathers feedback from the BoD for possible bylaws additions and modifications
  • Recommends revisions to the existing bylaws for approval