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Northeast Barbecue Society

Team of the Year Program

Current Results

Results for this year in, as of August 27th:

2018 KEN DAKAI _ GRILLING Aug 27th

2018 Rookie TOY AUG 26TH

2018 Tailgate TOY Aug 27th

2018 Classic TOY AUG 26TH

See the bottom of the page for past results.

2018 Program Overview

The Northeast Barbecue Society (NEBS) recognizes competition teams that have been top
performers throughout the barbecue season via the Team of the Year (TOY) program.  The TOY program covers three different kinds of events:

  • KCBS Sanctioned Barbecue Contests
  • NEBS 4 category Outdoor Cooking Contests
  • NEBS Tailgate Contests

A link to the full set of rules and categories may be found at the bottom of this page.

NEW for 2018 – All Regional KCBS Sanctioned Contests Now Eligible

The NEBS Classic TOY program awards points for eligible KCBS BBQ Competitions within the Northeast region which includes the following states: ME, VT, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, NH and PA.

Eligibility criteria:

  • KCBS Sanctioned Contests with 15 or more participating teams in the northeast (ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA) will count for NEBS Classic TOY points.

Organizers are encouraged to advertise with NEBS and help draw in competitors and the public by listing their event here.

  • Other types of events – KCBS non-sanctioned and events from other sanctioning bodies will not count unless said event is also NEBS advertised and has been approved by the BOD.

2018 Eligible NEBS Contests

  • NEBS 4 category Outdoor Cooking Contests – stand-alone or events in conjunction with a KCBS event will be counted in this category, pending it meets all necessary criteria in the TOY Rules.  4-category events will be tallied for the Ken Dakai Cup TOY award.
  • NEBS Tailgate Contests – stand-alone events will be counted in this category, pending it meets all necessary criteria outlined in the TOY Rules.   Tailgate contests – 2 category contests – will be tallied for the Tailgate TOY.

Team Requirements

In order for a competition team to have its scores count towards any of the NEBS TOY honors, the chief cook that signed the contest application for the team must be a paid member of NEBS when the contest takes place and must be present at the competition.  The chief cook must also register their team to participate (See below).

Any scores accumulated while the listed chief cook is not a member, by a vote of the board of directors for non-payment of dues or any other reason, will not count towards NEBS TOY.

If the chief cook who signed the contest application cannot attend the contest and a replacement chief cook is needed, the chief cook who signed the application may appeal to the NEBS Board of Directors for their team’s scores to count for NEBS TOY.  Please note that changes have been made to the rules for 2018 (see official rules below).

TOY scores are tied to team names and not individual chief cooks. TOY scores are not cumulative for chief cooks.  A chief cook is only allowed to register one team name to count for NEBS TOY.

Team Registration

A chief cook must register his or her team in order for the team scores to be included in any of the 2018 NEBS TOY calculations and rankings. If a chief cook does not register their team, that team’s scores will not count towards any NEBS TOY rankings. Registration is free and only takes a couple minutes.

The registration deadline was May 1, 2018 and is now closed for 2018.

Any team competing in its first competition of the season after that day may register, up to 24 hours after its first competition in order to have scores count. Registration and Membership Status are sole responsibility of the chief cook.

  • Start of the 2018 TOY Season: January 1, 2018
  • End of the 2018 TOY Season: December 31, 2018

The awards will take place at the 2019 NEBS Annual Meeting in January.

Complete NEBS Team of the Year Rules

Full NEBS TOY rules and descriptions of the categories may be found here:

Past Results

Links to the results from prior years, starting from 2014, are available below: