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A NEBS Contest Listing allows contest organizers to publish events on   This listing allows competitors, judges, NEBS members, and the general public to easily find your event.  It also allows eligible contests to participate in the NEBS Team of the Year program.  If your contest requires NEBS sanctioning, paying the listing fee also initiates the sanctioning process.  The listing fee provides the following for contests:

  • Amateur Contest - Calendar Listing
  • NEBS Tailgate Contest - Calendar Listing, Contest Sanctioning *, Eligibility for the Tailgate TOY
  • NEBS Standalone Grilling Contest - Calendar Listing, Contest Sanctioning *, Eligibility for the Ken Dakai Cup
  • NEBS/KCBS Combined Contest - Calendar Listing, Eligibility for the Ken Dakai Cup and NEBS Classic TOY *
  • KCBS Standalone Contest - Calendar Listing, Eligibility for the NEBS Classic TOY

* This contest type requires Cook's Packet approval by NEBS.  Please forward your Cook's Packet to