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Silver Event Promotion: See the description at the bottom of the page for details on what is included.

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NEBS Event Promotion can be used for any BBQ related event, including non-sanctioned (amateur) events.  Some events (Tailgate, NEBS Cooking Contests, and NEBS/KCBS combined events) may count for NEBS Team of the Year points if eligible under the NEBS TOY Rules.

Silver Event Promotion includes:

  • All Bronze features (see below) plus:
    • An announcement on NEBS social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter) at the time the event is listed
    • Inclusion in NEBS “Coming this month” social media posts (if listed early enough)
    • Membership waiver: Silver Event Promotion does not require that you be a NEBS member
  • If you are a NEBS member, and have more than one event to list, you may add additional events during the same year at the Bronze price.  Those events will be promoted using Silver features.
  • Tailgate, NEBS Cooking Cooking Contests, and NEBS/KCBS Combined Events require a NEBS approved cook’s packet.   You may upload it now with your order, or email it to   Your event is not eligible for TOY points until the cook’s packet is approved.
  • Bronze features included with Silver are:
    • An entry on the NEBS event calendar with:
      • Contact Information
      • Location
      • A description of the event
      • A link to the event web site, if there is one
      • A statement of eligibility (Which TOY points, if any, a competition is eligible for)
      • A listing of the event in the National BBQ News, provided the contest is listed early enough to meet NBN publishing deadlines. (60 days recommended)