Apr 032017

Smokin’ at the Ball Park is back on July 15th/16th with a $7,500 prize pool.

It’s a great KCBS Barbecue Festival that is laid back and fun! State of Maine Championship to boot! Located at the best beach town in Maine. Lots of space and very accommodating to the BBQ Teams! Come have a little fun in Maine!

Just 40 minutes from the Maine border with New Hampshire.

Cook’s Packet

This contest counts toward the NEBS Classic Team of the Year.

Mar 192017

NEBS is pleased to announce two new upcoming events:

The 2017 NEBS Cooking Class is happening on April 29th.  Learn how to BBQ and grill from our expert pit-masters.   This demo-style class includes lunch and lots of samples.  Check it out today.

You know you have been meaning to head over to The Smoke Shop by Andy Husbands.  Here’s your chance to do it with your BBQ friends from NEBS.   Andy’s created a special BBQ tasting menu for us.  You won’t want to miss this on April 23rd at 4PM.

Feb 232017

It’s on! Are you ready?

The NEBS 2017 Team of the Year program has been announced. The NEBS Classic (KCBS), Ken Dakai Cup (NEBS contests), Tailgate, and Rookie Team of the Year races are all back for 2017. Don’t forget that competitors must register their teams every year to participate. It’s free for NEBS members! Check out the NEBS TOY page for more details and a link to this year’s registration page.

Feb 032017

The 2017 season is getting underway. Watch this space for exciting contest announcements!

First out of the gate, the Great Maine Barbecue Challenge – now at a closer location and with a combined NEBS/KCBS prize pool for $20,000. The second year event had great reviews it’s first time out. Applications will open up shortly.

Great Maine Barbecue Challenge

Jan 242017

There have been a couple of recent changes to this website:

  1. NEBS Event Listings for contest organizers have been turned back on.  The event listings are now part of the NEBS store, and use the same shopping cart mechanism for requesting a listing.  Look here for details.
  2. We have implemented new membership management software on the site.  Members with family memberships can now designate and manage the second membership directly through the site.   Members can also see their renewal date and membership status.

We are still making some additional changes to these features.   Please send questions or feedback to memberservices@nullnebs.org

Jan 192017

The final results for the NEBS 2016 Team of the Year program have been posted.  Congratulations to everyone that made the top 5.

Insane Swine BBQ was the Overall Grand Champion for the NEBS Classic TOY, and The Basic BBQ Team was the reserve.   Paddy Mc’Qs won Rookie Team of the Year, and A Mazie Q captured the Ken Dakai Cup for the second year in a row.     Boo Boo Qued was reserve for the cup, and also was our Tailgate grand champion.

For the complete list of results, look here.

Dec 282016

It’s time for the NEBS Annual Banquet and we’d love to see you there!! Come join us at 12 PM on January 7th at the Maynard Rod & Gun Club! We’ll be announcing the 2017 board of directors as well as hosting the NEBS TOY awards. Oh, and did we mention there will be raffles and silent auctions?! And in case you get hungry, there will be some hearty Italian food as a thank you to our members for a great year!

New for this year, this will be a catered event! To help us ensure there is enough food for all, please RSVP via our Facebook event or sign up here: Banquet Sign Up. It’s free for NEBS Members, Friends, and Families.

See the NEBS Calendar for directions.

Nov 112016

It’s time!

Time to get your nomination in for the 2017 NEBS Board of Directors !

Join a great board and be part of the continued success of NEBS!

  • Never been on a board before? That’s okay! Get your name in!
  • Were you on the NEBS board before and want to come back? YES – get your name in!!
  • Been on other boards and want to join this one? Welcome – get your name in!
  • Just LOVE BBQ and want to help, be a part of the team? GREAT – get your name in!
  • Know someone you think would be great on the board? Get HIS or HER name in! And we will reach out!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

AND…….. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Let’s get this rolling!

Voting will be ONLINE again this year with the option of paper ballots at the Annual Meeting, January 7th, 2017 at the Maynard Rod & Gun Club!

Nov 032016

Mark your calendars and please join us to help celebrate the holidays on Saturday, Dec 10th at 2PM at the Maynard Rod & Gun Club in Maynard, MA.

Our annual meeting will be on Saturday January 7th, so “Save The Date”

Details to follow!

Oct 182016

The NEBS 2016 competition season was fun and full of surprises. The final Team of the Year awards will be announced at our annual meeting in January. Watch this space for updates.

The results of the last three listed events for this year are:

Red, White, and Que – Cresskill, NJ: With echos of the win at the Great Maine Barbecue Challenge, Insane Swine BBQ had a dominant GC win with a 1st in Chicken, Ribs, and Pork. The Reserve Grand was also a NEBS team with Smokin’ Hoggz BBQ taking the honor.

Riverside Blues, Brews, and BBQ – Greenfield, MA: Smokin’ Hoggz BBQ was back on top taking the GC in Greenfield, with Que Biz getting the reserve in the KCBS event. Boo Boo Qued grabbed the Grand for the NEBS cooking contest, with Paddy McQ’s taking the Reserve.

Jack Daniel’s Smoke on the Water New Jersey State Barbecue Championship – Atlantic City, NJ: The great thing about BBQ is it’s a meritocracy. No matter who you are, you have to perform to win. This contest, though, was the one time teams should have gotten participation trophies just for finishing. The remains of Hurricane Matthew brought heavy rains and winds topping 50 mph during turn-ins. Seven of the 55 teams that started the contest didn’t complete it. Despite the conditions, for the third NEBS event in a row the GC winner Blazin’ Butts BBQ won with three first place finishes (Ribs, Pork, and Brisket) with the RGC going to the BBQ Guru. Blazin’ Butts also scored an amazing 704, which is (as far as we know) the first time that’s been done in the Northeast. They join Insane Swine BBQ and Smokin’ Hoggz BBQ as the only NEBS teams that are in the KCBS 700 Club.

Update: Blazin’ Buttz BBQ is the first team to score over 700 in a northeast contest since KCBS created the 700 Club online in 2013, but KCBS online records don’t stretch back to the early days of NEBS. At least iQue and I Smell Smoke!!! have done it before, and more than once. There could be other teams as well, looking into it.

Oct 072016

As we had into the last weekend of NEBS contests for 2016, with listed events running in Greenfield, MA and Atlantic City, NJ, we have updated the TOY race documents. Some of the races are tightly contested and will be decided this weekend. Best of luck to all the competitors!

Look here for the latest Team of the Year status.

Red, White, and Que in Cresskill, NJ was added as a list minute addition as a NEBS listed event. Congratulations to Insane Swine BBQ on the GC, and Smokin Hoggz on the RGC.