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NEBS has two basic membership options, as well as corporate sponsorships.

1) An Individual Membership is for a single person, and costs $35 a year. The Benefits page explains the benefits of being an Individual Member.  

2) A Group Membership is for two or more people. This may be used for families, teams, or companies. With a Group Membership, the primary member pays $35 per annum for themselves, and an additional $5 per year for each secondary member. A two member Group Membership replaces the old NEBS Family Membership.

Group Memberships require at least one paid secondary member. You will be prompted for that secondary member's contact details during the sign up process.

A secondary member is a full NEBS member, with voting privileges, the ability to sign up for members-only events, access to the members only areas of the web site, etc.  The only thing the secondary member does not receive is the National Barbecue News publication.  If you want someone to receive that, they need to be signed up as a primary member themselves.

Secondary memberships are tied to the primary member's member status. If the primary member allows their membership to expire, the secondary membership expires as well.