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NEBS Sanctioning

NEBS Sanctioning is a process through which NEBS Tailgate, Classic, and Kid's Q contests become official NEBS events.  KCBS Contests are not sanctioned via NEBS, but you should still go through the sanctioning process when NEBS and KCBS contests are combined at the same event. This ensures that competitors receive the full Team of the Year credit for your event. 

Why Sanction?

A sanctioned contest helps to attract competitors to your event. It lets competitors know that your contest is fair and follows a well known set of guidelines for both cooks and judges.

When you apply for Contest Sanctioning, you will receive help from the sanctioning body (NEBS, KCBS, and/or SCA) to ensure that cook's communications are done properly, and adequate infrastructure planning is done to ensure the contest will run properly. 

  • For a NEBS Contest, two Contest Officials will be assigned that will oversee the judging and scoring of your contest. All NEBS Contest Officials are trained and experienced to ensure that each and every NEBS-Sanctioned event proceeds smoothly, and is conducted with the utmost of fairness and integrity.

  • A NEBS Agent from our Sanctioning Committee will also be assigned. The Agent will be available to answer any questions that you may have during the planning phase of your event.

  • Each of your contestants will receive clearly defined rules, and standardized judging procedures will be adhered to.

  • NEBS will provide your contest with judging plates and scoring slips, as well as scoring software to tally all scores and determine winners.

  • NEBS Sanctioned Contests allow along competitors to accumulate points for the NEBS Team of the Year program, which helps to drive interest in your event.

  • You will be given access to copy of the NEBS Contest Organizers Guidelines Booklet, which clearly describes all aspects of your event planning and scheduling.

  • You'll also be given the NEBS Contest Rules NEBS Contest Rules, which explain all the contest rules in detail.

  • NEBS sanctioning can include optional items such as the promotion of the event on this website, NEBS social media channels, and The National Barbecue News newsletter. Please see the Contest Promotion page for more details on available options.


To request sanctioning of a contest, please visit the Listing/Sanctioning page.